Silk Screening

Fabricated Products has the expertise and facilities to deliver a high-quality, cost effective silk screening service for clients to clients in the UK and Ireland.  We offer both multi-surface and multi-colour screening.

We are able to silk screen any product, assembly, or enclosure.  Artwork is created from customer supplied files.

Pad Printing

We also use pad printing for those parts that have detail printing and/or uneven surfaces. Pad printing is a versatile printing system capable of printing a variety of inks on to components and parts made from a wide variety of materials. Pad printing is ideal for printing single or multi-coloured graphics onto small parts that cannot be screen printed. Pad printing offers the opportunity to print onto almost any surface, including those that are uneven and textured.  The maximum print area we work with is 80mm diameter.

You can review our full set of capabilities here; why not call today to find out more?

Silk Screening & Pad Printing
Silk Screening & Pad Printing
Silk Screening & Pad Printing

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