Fabricated Products has 26 years’ experience in this sector and for many years we have been a key supplier for a leading global manufacturer in this field. As a result, we believe that our fabrication expertise in the Transport and Refrigeration market is second-to-none.

By working very closely with major manufacturers over the years, we have gathered a vast product knowledge and in-depth expertise in relevant fabrication processes for this market. Much of our work is informed by constant dialogue and the excellent working relationships we have with these major organisations.

Sheet Metal Expertise

Our goal is to plan and design the best approach at the earliest stage of product development. We work closely with the R&D and Engineering teams to assist in the design process and to help avoid any potential pitfalls that could delay progress – this is where we can add significant value for our customers.

By using our sheet metal experience clients can save time, money and valuable resources when it comes to making the initial prototype units. This can significantly increase our customers’ ability to respond quickly and efficiently to market demands.

Our related product types include

  • Brackets.
  •  Assemblies
  •  Accumulator Tanks
  •  Large Multipart Chassis ready for on line Assembly.

These products use the full range of our capabilities from Punching, Forming, Robotic Welding, Welding, E-Coating, Powder Coating, Zinc and other finishes.

We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements for this market.

Our Products

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