We have extensive experience in providing stud welding services and in the design of stud welding jigs and fixtures. We deliver our products to the UK, Ireland and Globally.

Stud welding is not a simple process and we are lucky to have extremely experienced operators with the expertise needed to weld studs that will meet the tolerances required and can pass any necessary torque tests.

Capacitor Discharge stud welding is quick and gives a consistent, strong result where the job involves welding a metal fastener to another metal material. The net result delivers a weld joint that is more robust than both the stud and the metal product. This process can offer a better product design as it gets rid of reverse marking and the material around the stud is not compromised i.e. it remains flat and clean.

Stud Weldng Services Stud Weldng Services

As access is needed on a single side only to weld a stud, the time spent handing materials is minimised. The process also produces a leak proof result and as there are no holes punched into the metal, corrosion issues are minimised also.

As an integral part of the process, we test all studs with a weld stud test tool. This checks the durability and strength of welds used to attach threaded welding studs to the sheet metal. To guarantee accuracy, these are all pre-set with a torque analyser.

Stud Weldng Services Stud Weldng Services

Stud Welding Service Expertise

As well as our Stud Welding service, Fabricated Products offers a full set of related services including  Mig/Tig Welding, Robotic Welding, Spot Welding, Spot Welding & Brazing.

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