Fabricated Products is located in a centre of excellence for the manufacture of Electronic Devices. As a result, this is a core skill we have grown over many decades.

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers have located close to our facilities and as a result we have produced goods for Wang, Dell, American Power and many other multi-nationals.

Through this experience, we have learned to understand the fast moving, quick turnaround business that is Electronic Manufacturing.

Electronic Device Components

Sheet metal is the base material in a range of Electronic devices and we produce components such as:

  • Chassis
  •  Covers,
  •  Bracket’s
  •  Mechanical Assemblies

Relevant capabilities which we apply inhouse include Punching, Forming, Welding, Robotic Welding, Pem Insertion to Zinc Plating, Powder and Wet Painting and E-Coating.

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