Transport Refrigeration

26 years experience in the sector supplying the world leader in the field with Brackets, Assemblies, Accumulator Tanks and Large Chassis ready for on line Assembly. Read more..

Medical Devices

We supply to multinational companies whose products are sold worldwide. These products range from Mobile Carts, Ventilator Chassis, Flex Arm Assemblies and component brackets for on site assembly. With more than fifteen years experience in this field we have a wealth of knowledge in product development and work to tight deadlines for market introduction. Read more..


With a portfolio of approx 350 different components for one customer alone our knowledge of Filtration products is vast. We have implemented the transfer of our biggest customer’s in house manufacturing to our site over the past 12months. This included FAIR approval for all parts before production was started.

The component’s range from perforated sheet metal blanks, rolled, seam welded and finished in Tin or Zinc Plating. Others are Drawn Cans with Adaptor Rings robotically welded and finished in either Zinc Phosphate with Powder Paint or in the case of Stainless Steel materials Passivation. Read more..


Sheet metal is the base material in a range of Electronic devices and we produce Chassis, Covers, Bracket’s and Assemblies to the Industry. Read more..


Whether low or high volume is required we have the capacity and equipment to run metalwork for Computer Chassis, Covers and Brackets in a range of materials and finishes. With Clients such as DELL, American Power Conversion, HP and others we have the experience of dealing with global powers in the industry. Read more..


In the modern age Telecom devices cover a broad range of product types, designs and materials. We can produce products from Router Hubs, Telephone Hubs, Server Chassis and Rack Units in all materials and finishes. Read more..


Our experience of sheet metal and CNC machining make us an ideal partner in the development of products for use in Military applications. From Camera Housings, Gun Tripods and vehicle components we can take on any task required. Read more..


With our location close to Shannon Intl Airport, the Aviation Industry has always offered opportunities for us to produce for it. With components for Air craft refurbishment such as Seat Backs, Arm Rests, Video Monitor Housings and more we have an excellent understanding of the materials and processes that the industry requires. Read more..

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