Cleanliness Cabinets

Component Cleanliness Cabinets now being manufactured at Fabricated Products
We have recently opened our state of the art cleanroom environment assembly area where Cleanliness Cabinates of varying sizes are assembled and tested. These units are produced entirely on-site; they service a range of industries; medical, automotive and aeronautical.

Cleanliness Cabinets are self-contained units providing accurate, reliable and repeatable procedures to extract particulate contamination from component surfaces for subsequent analysis. The PCC enables operators to assess the cleanliness levels of manufactured parts and components in accordance to ISO 18413, ISO 16232 and VDA 19 procedures.

We are very excited about this new facility and our ever expanding range of products produced on-site. If you require your products assembled in such a cleanroom environment then do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

At Fabricated Products we assist our Customers with the transition from prototype to production level. Our Engineering team has decades of experience working closely with customers on perfecting their final design prior to commencing production.

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