Brazing & Soldering

We offer expert brazing and soldering techniques for many metal types, to complement our welding service. Our technicians are qualified to braze and solder to your exact specifications.

We can Braze, Induction Braze, Silver Braze, Silver Solder and Solder and the team at Fabricated Products has in-depth expertise in all of these processes

Brazing and SolderingBrazing
This process requires skill and experience and it can be hugely effective in combining materials together. It involves using heat to melt a metal alloy which is then used to join two materials together. The joint created by the melted alloy is often stronger than the two metals themselves, giving a very robust result, which is liquid and gas tight, has strong conductive qualities and can withstand shock and significant changes in temperature. In order to achieve these qualities, brazing works best when done on a slow heating cycle and when managed by experienced operators.

Brazing and SolderingInduction Brazing
This is an alternative metal-joining process that uses sound waves to melt materials such as tubes, fittings and alloys to deliver extremely strong braze joints between the metals. It is an extremely consistent process as it involves exact timing and temperature control throughout the procedure to produce uniformity throughout the end-product connection.

Silver Brazing – This procedure involves joining materials that require both a strong and fine finish. Metal is heated to a temperature where the silver solder flows consistently onto the joints, bonding them securely together. It produces units that meet a variety of requirements such as mechanical performance, electrical conductivity and more.

Soldering -Soldering is done at a very low temperature and it is like brazing however in this process the two materials are flux-wetted and filled with wire or a type of paste – often a tin wire is used and combined with lead or silver. The joint offers reasonable strength levels which can vary depending on the materials joined and they are liquid and gas tight. It is reasonably corrosion resistant. A key advantage of soldering is that it is a very cost-effective process and offers better value for customers where very high-strength joints are not a requirement.

Brazing and Soldering Brazing and Soldering

Comprehensive Related Capabilities

In addition to our state-of-the-art welding service, Fabricated Products offers a full set of related services including Robotic Welding, seam Welding, Spot Welding, Stud Welding & Mig/Tig Welding.

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