Given the criticality of safety standards in this market, we put a very strong focus on quality and traceability for our aviation components.

Our aviation product lines feature filtration and mountings. Fabricated Products works closely with suppliers to ensure all aviation components are to the highest quality and pass all relevant industry standards. Our commitment to our customer satisfaction has driven us to innovate and seek solutions to a broad variety of issues in the aviation sector. As a result, the use of

  • Defined safe processes
  • Proven practices and procedures
  • Hands-on supervision
  • Decisive high calibre management

Are all brought together to deliver the essential elements of an integrated management system.

Fabricated Products uphold the highest of industry standards. Efficiency, safety and quality are central to our processes. Every aviation product we ship has been thoroughly examined to ensure it meets the standard required for our clients.

As your Tier Two aviation components supplier we assure our clients that they will receive exactly what they order – when they need it.

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