Fabricated Products provides precision metal sheet rolling services that produce components that are precise and of the highest quality. We roll Cylinders, arcs and conical cores in steel, stainless steel and aluminium with thicknesses varying from 0.5mm to 3mm. We deliver our metal sheet rolling products across the UK, Ireland and Internationally.

We have extensive rolling experience built up over many years and all our operators take pride in the quality of their work.

There are 9 plate rolling machines in operation at our facilities ranging from CNC controlled machines to hand cranked rollers for light gauge materials.

Sheet Rolling Additional Value-Added Services

We can spot weld rings onto cores or press fit them. We can roll metal sheets into cylinders, seam weld them, and weld on adaptors, end caps or other fittings onto the ends, as required. Parts can then be plated or painted.

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Rolling is just one of our full range of forming services and other fabrication capabilities – why not contact us to talk through your requirements? We can discuss the detail, share our expertise and offer a highly competitive quote. Call now to find out more.

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