Accumulator Tanks

Our capability to manufacture Accumulator Tanks was instigated over a decade ago, in response to a request from an existing customer. Since then we have grown and expanded our range of Accumulator Tank products and for the past 10 years we have been supplying customers these products in a wide variety of different sizes and configurations and to different levels of finish.

The items shown in the Gallery are for the Transport Refrigeration sector where they are used to store the liquid that cools the system. They are made from multi-type materials such as

– Steel Tube
– Steel End Caps
– Sheet Metal Brackets
– Copper Tubes
– Aluminium Sheet and Bars.

The items are Welded Robotically, then Leak Tested and Copper fittings are secured by being Silver Soldered. They are then finished with a Powder Coat. Pressure Testing is also a capability where required and specific test Rigs have been designed where necessary to facilitate this.

This type of product can be used in a variety of sectors, such as Transport Refrigeration, Road Transport Vehicles, Industrial Temperature Control and Air Manufacturing Products, where a liquid or Air needs to be stored for the unit to function.

Fabricated Products can manufacture Accumulator Tanks in an efficient and cost-effective manner and in a wide variety of specifications – contact us now to learn more.

accumulator tanks
accumulator tanks
accumulator tanks

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