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Fabricated Products shears using our LVD Hydraulic Guillotine. LVD is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic shearing equipment, with 60 years’ experience in the industry. In terms of shearing requirements, key factors include the thickness, the width and the type of material to be sheared.

Our LVD Guillotine stands at 2500mm long and it is capable of shearing up to a maximum of 6mm thickness in cold rolled steel or 3-4mm thickness in Stainless Steel – the vast majority of our customers guillotine requirements are covered by this specification.

The machine is used to cut custom sheet sizes and blanks and they can be trimmed on all four sides with great accuracy. These sheets can then be used to make simple sheet metal parts such as outer panels for transportation dollies or rolled tubes. Blanks can be used for Power Press operations.

Related CNC Services

In addition to our Guillotine service, we offer a full set of related CNC services including Punching, Forming, Milling and Turning.

As industry experts in Punching and Cutting, we can talk through your requirements and advise on the best approach given quality and cost considerations. Contact us now to learn more.

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